Scouting Report: Aaron Ellis, Quarterback. University of St. Francis

Aaron Ellis, Quarterback. Junior
University of St. Francis

Height: 6’3″
Weight: 215 lbs.
Pros: Accurate deep ball with touch under his passes. Has very good footwork and rarely throws off his back foot. Will plant and fire rather than throw it up for a mistake. Accurate with his passes. Seam passes seems to be a strength, can fit the ball in there between the safety and corner. When the pocket breaks down and pressure is around, he keeps his eyes down the field to make a play rather than put his head down. One can tell he has potential to become much better.
Cons: Need more heat on his passes that are intermediate, would like the ball to arrive there earlier. When it comes to reads, he seems to stare down one receiver and wait for them to get open rather than look to see what is open now. Consistency through reads is lacking, would like to see more movement. Would like to see more passes into tight coverage. Would like more arm strength.
Overall: Ellis has plenty of potential you can see while watching his game tape. He has a very accurate deep ball and hits players in stride rather than overthrows or underthrows. He’s very accurate and places the ball where his receiver can get it and get YAC. There weren’t many contested throws, so would like to see more opportunities with that. Ellis has shown the ability to make big plays. It appears that he has a high ceiling and will only get better his senior year.

Scouting Report done by Sean McMahon (@wolfkaosaun)

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