Scouting Report: Glenn Harris, CB/S. Wayne State College

Glenn Harris, CB/S
Wayne State College
Height: 6’2

Weight: 175 lbs
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Pros: Plays “center field” extremely well in the safety position. Reads and disagnoses the play and makes a break on the ball. Read and reacts. Stays in a position to make a play on the ball. Has a knack for finding the ball and pursuing it, whether to make a play on the ball or tackle the opponent. Sticks to his assignments rather than getting out of position. Seems to read the quarterback well. Sifts through traffic to make a play. Noticed during plays he will point or yell out to teammates on where to go and where the play is going during
the play.
Cons: Sometimes watches the quarterback more than the receiver. Didn’t see much press coverage, question mark against some of the stronger, more physical receivers. Would like to see his head turn around when running man coverage more. Not especially fast, but does have a quick burst that he shows when making a play on the ball.
Overall: Led the WSC and NSIC with 8 interceptions his senior season and tied a school record with 3 interceptions in a single game. Harris seems to be a good fit for a team that likes to play zone defenses. He would also excel as a nickel or safety at the next level. Harris reads the offense well and attempts to make a play any chance he gets. While he may not be the fastest athlete on the field, he does possess a quick burst towards the ball that may catch opponents off guard. At 0:36 of this video (Highlights), you can see that Harris not only reads where the play is going, but shows a burst to make a play on the ball and score. Harris has ball-hawking skills that is hard to teach players.

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