Scouting Report: Pat Elflein, C. Ohio State University

Pros: Makes second level blocks with ease and displays nice athleticism for a center. Rather than just standing in a spot and waiting for someone to come to him, he will move and try to continue to make blocks; whether finding another defender or helping someone in need. Powerful run blocker as well, he explodes quickly and is a mauler. Plays until the whistle.Attacks with his hands and has great overall strength in both upper and lower body. Saw quite a few times where he was asked to pull and he was able to make blocks down the field; something you don’t see very often with centers. Aggressive and wants to be the bully. Appears versatile enough to play guard as well. Uses angles wisely and seems to have a very good understanding as to what he needs to do to make a play.

Cons: Due to his aggressive play, his technique will get sloppy from time to time. Footwork needs to be refined, as his body would try to do one thing and his feet would follow with some hesitation. Lunges sometimes, which will get him into trouble against some of the better defensive tackles. Due to always wanting to make a play, he isn’t always patient and thus can lead to a linebacker or defender attacking his gap while he’s already engaged in a block.

Overall: Although a center, Elflein is one of the best offensive lineman prospects in this draft. He gives everything you want in an offensive lineman with heart and play. Sure, no prospect is perfect, but Elflein is a very good player. In an age where centers aren’t valued as highly as other positions, he may slide down some boards. Make no mistake though, if center was viewed as valuable as other offensive line pieces, Elflein could very easily be in the 1st round. Whoever drafts him will get an instant starter who will only get better over time. Some more refinery is needed, but Elflein is a very good prospect. It will be interesting to see whether teams view him as a guard or center.


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