Scouting Report: Charles Harris, DE/OLB. Missouri

Pros: A fast edge rusher who gets off the edge quickly. Possesses great speed and can close in on the quarterback in a hurry. Explosive first step off the line. Has a very good spin move that allows him to beat opponents inside as well. Consistent pressure and fights every play. Can beat offensive tackles with speed alone. Great athleticism and seems to have long arms so he can keep opponents at bay from blocking him. Has been productive his last two years. Versatile, has played some snaps in coverage rather than just edge rush the entire time. Has a high ceiling, as it seems he’s not even scratching the surface of his potential.

Cons: Stiff hips. Struggles against the run mightily. Can be faked out. Also struggles against screen passes and draw plays. Needs a better understanding of offenses. Must work on more pass rushing moves, as he relies a lot of his athleticism and speed. Outside of spin move, he needs to learn more. Needs to get stronger in the lower body, as his feet tend to move quite a bit if he gets snatched up. Needs to polish his footwork and hands to be successful in the NFL.

Overall: Charles Harris is a very interesting prospect who screams boom-bust in this draft. He has every chance to be one of the best defensive players in this draft, but also can be one of those players who makes little to no impact. If Harris gets a better grasp of offenses and is coached up in technique, he will be a steal for someone. There’s a lot to like about his pass rushing ability, as he continuously wrecked havoc for offensive lines. In the NFL, he must improve on his game and not simply rely on his athleticism.


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