Scouting Report: Taco Charlton, DE. Michigan

Pros: Showed improvement every year, including better technique with his pass rush moves. Blew up his senior year. Great arm length to keep offensive lineman at bay. Quick and explosive, works the edge extremely well. Delivers a strong first punch. While he’s great around the edge, he knows how to switch his game around to better attack. One of the best spin moves in this draft. Uses speed of the edge. A willing defender and is always trying to make a play. His size is something defensive line coaches covet. Once he gets free, he goes and makes a play rather than wait and react. Possesses a nonstop motor. Seems to be just scratching the surface of his potential.

Cons: While he has gotten better each year, it wasn’t until his senior season he truly became an impact player, thus leaving questions as to whether he’s a one year wonder. Is slow off the line sometimes, will need to improve timing. For someone with long arms, he doesn’t use them as often as he should. Needs better hand technique. Can struggle against the run. Over pursues runs and can be caught out of position. Needs to do a better job keeping the edge on run plays.

Overall: Charlton is a raw prospect, but he has so much potential in him. He’s great off the edge and is an explosive pass rusher. There will be question marks due to him being a senior standout, as his prior years he didn’t produce as much. Teams will fall in love with his measureables and there’s a very good chance his stock will rise during the combine. He will have to continue to improve in technique and the speed of the NFL, but Charlton has a very high ceiling. He’s shown he can make big, flashy plays. He just needs to be more consistent.


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