Scouting Report: Raekwon McMillan, OLB. Ohio State University

Pros: Very good instincts and plays physical every down. Good overall strength. Shows great awareness to the ball and can tell where the play is going. Attacks holes and blockers rather than waiting for them to get to him. Again, read and reaction skills are his best traits. Brings power and is a finisher when it comes to tackling. A hard hitting north and south player. Has the prototypical build you want in a linebacker, and he can continue to get stronger. Has had a very productive career and showed great coverage skills when it comes to zone coverage. Always around the ball.

Cons: Not a sideline to sideline player. Doesn’t possess the greatest athleticism. If a blocker punches him first, he can be taken out of a play completely. Space is not his friend, struggles. While he is fast when it comes to north and south, he has stiff hips and struggles to go full speed when in coverage. Doesn’t do a great go disengaging from defenders. Gets beaten by play fakes more than you’d like from a linebacker. Doesn’t have many big splash plays.

Overall: Personally, I’m a little disappointed in the tape I’ve watched, as I expect much more out of him. However, he is still an instinctive linebacker who can either get stronger and be a downhill runner, or shed some pounds and possibly get better in the sideline to sideline portion of his game. He’s a better fit as a SAM linebacker in a 4-3 defense and can attack in the run game. But he’s not going to do that well against covering tight ends and running backs. However, he seems coachable and has potential, as he’s always around the ball. But there’s some bad tape on the guy.


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