Scouting Report: Joe Mixon, RB. Oklahoma

Pros: Quick vision and ability to attack the hole when it’s there. Reacts quickly. Good balance and doesn’t trip up easily, even when making contact. Able to change direction and ability to make quick cuts. Causes explosive plays. His quick burst can be a game changer, as he can patiently wait for a hole and hit it at 100% and outrun players pursuing him. Has done well as a receiver and actually has decent feet for a running back running routes. Shows just how smart he is by being able to move defenders into blocks by moving behind the line and then attacks the hole he created. He is dangerous in space and can make people miss with ease.

Cons: Obviously the off the field issue. He also tends to play high, exposing his body that could result in bigger hits and more fumbles in the NFL. Sometimes he is too patient behind the line of scrimmage and lets opportunities get away from him. Has trouble finishing runs, if he gets stood up and has to power through, he doesn’t always win those battles. He also struggles to move piles forward. Will have to improve his lower body strength.

Overall: There’s a lot to like about his tape. He’s quick, smart, dangerous, and has the ability to score any chance he gets. Mixon has that huge red flag with the video and such. Plus he does play really high, but he reminds me a lot of Le’Veon Bell in college . They both were patient and both played high, which a lot of people thought would hurt Bell, but Bell corrected a lot of his game in that sense and is able to use patience to his advantage. Mixon has all the talent to be a premiere back. But what he did on camera is why so many teams may have him off their board, and it’s hard to blame them. With stories like Tyreek Hill though, there’s still a chance that he could get drafted. Only time will tell. His tape is really good, but that video is really ugly.


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