Scouting Report: Cam Robinson, OT. Alabama

Pros: Proficient in the run game. Shows a great initial punch and upper body strength to attack lineman. Keeps a wide frame and uses inside hands to control the defender. Deadly when he gets leverage on a pass rusher. Shows the ability to run block at the second level, gives a strong punch with his upper body with whoever he comes in contact with. Sustains blocks, has a very good grip and doesn’t hold up. Went up against very good competition, showed well against Myles Garrett. Fires off the ball with great force. Has a very good frame for an offensive tackle.

Cons: Technique is a problem with him outside of his hands. Sometimes lunges at opponents which gives them leverage. Also struggles with footwork. Can also be unbalanced in the passing attack. Struggles with a change of direction. If a defender isn’t gripped by him, they can get him unbalanced and move around him. Sometimes gets out of position. Has off the field issues that may cause teams to pass on him.

Overall: Quite possibly one of the best at run blocking. However, he lacks technique in numerous areas in the passing attack. Powerful, but also at a cost. He has solid pass protection, but that may not go over well in the NFL and I don’t think he’s left tackle material. He’s a force to reckon with in the run game and has little flaws in that aspect. Robinson will have to do better with the lower half of him. He’s benefitting from a weak offensive tackle class. If he were even in last year’s class, he’s probably a 2nd rounder. If there’s a run first team, he’s a great tackle. But if you have a pocket that relies on holding blocks for a decent amount of time, he will give up pressure. He has potential, won’t lie. But his pass protection is not worth a top 15 pick.


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