Scouting Report: Demarcus Walker, DE. Florida State University

Pros: Strength is balanced, has upper and lower body strength. Uses hands to work off of blockers and get around them. Has shown the ability to stop quickly and make a move on the ball carrier while engaged in blocks. Versatile, has played in different positions on the defensive line. Gives a strong punch with arms and then is able to move them quickly and make a pass rushing move. Great technique with footwork. His inside moves are some of the best from this draft, once he beats you inside he’s almost unstoppable. Shows the ability to stay disengaged and make a play on the quarterback.

Cons: Sometimes gets fatigued and doesn’t give full effort. However, he doesn’t appear to be taken out of games much if at all. If an offensive lineman gets a firm grip on Walker, he usually loses the battle. Doesn’t have a good bend in the hips as natural pass rushers do. Question marks about where he should line up on the field, unsure if he’s a better defensive end, defensive tackle, or situational pass rusher. Sometimes has sloppy plays due to fatigue. Needs to play better against the run.

Overall: Walker is a fine prospect. Can move inside and out, and has shown he can play anywhere on a defensive front. He’s strong and shows a lot of mental toughness. Great arm and hand technique, along with a motor that keeps him going. Will need to be coached up in stopping the run and hopefully better conditioning, but he has a chance to be a very good player in the NFL. He may not be someone who takes over games, but will add a moveable dynamic to the line that many teams will covet.


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