Scouting Report: Solomon Thomas, DE. Stanford

Pros: Extremely powerful and beats with technique rather than just relying on strength. Demanded double teams in every game he’s played, and has also shown a consistency in the ability to beat them. More agile than you would think and can fill gaps. Plays balanced and offers good pursuit on the ball. He plays well against both the run and pass. Versatile and has played in numerous spots. He’s young and shows a ton of potential. Uses his hands consistently and fights every play. A very good motor and fights every play. Is a bully and will push offensive lineman aside. Has very good timing off the line of scrimmage.

Cons: Doesn’t possess great speed and sometimes has trouble closing in on plays quickly. Against bigger offensive lineman he will struggle. Has some raw aspects, such as pass rushing moves. Not the most athletic player. Only 6’3 and doesn’t have the ideal size for someone who lacks the pass rushing ability. May have trouble as a pass rusher in the next level until he refines his pass rushing moves.

Overall: Thomas possesses the strength, consistency, motor, and versatility scouts dream of. He’s still young and can be a great player in the next level. He will need to be coached to gain better technique in the pass rush, but hes agile and nimble enough to squeeze double teams. Thomas has all the signs and ability to be a star at the NFL level, it’s just a question as to where does he lineup and what system? He shows an ability to read offenses and could step in day 1 and make plays. The best part is he has an ability to get better as time goes on.


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