Scouting Report: Reuben Foster, LB. Alabama

Pros: Quite possibly the best player I’ve seen against the run this year, and that’s including defensive lineman. Aggressive, plays with a mean streak. Plays sideline to sideline and your prototypical big hitter. Great instincts and can read offenses. Explosive when the ball snaps, which causes offensive lineman to lose balance and allows Foster’s closing speed and technique to take over. Reads the quarterback in coverage. Can diagnose plays as they’re happening and reacts rather than wait. Gives a powerful punch and fights every snap. Very good at reading passes in the backfield, as he blows up a ton of passes to the running back. Faster than you’d think with someone his size.

Cons: Sometimes too aggressive. Can over pursue and get off balanced. Is susceptible to getting fooled by the quarterback’s eyes in coverage. Often doesn’t follow receivers but stays with the eyes, which can be a downfall. Needs to do a better form of tackling, as he could receive some penalties (stupid, I know). Wasn’t used as much as a blitzer, but had some success in doing so. Will certainly need to improve on pass rushing moves rather than just trying to win going full speed ahead.

Overall: Foster has every chance to be an elite player at the next level. He creates big hits, is fast, and can disrupt offenses. He is by no means the perfect prospect, but he’s arguably the best linebacker in this draft. Foster showed potential earlier in his career and has gotten better. The stage isn’t too big for him. He’s more than just a thumper linebacker, he’s a player that can change a game.


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